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About Midwest Thunder 410s

KB Promotions LLC Owner, Kevin Bayer, announced in November 2023 the launch of the Midwest Thunder 410 Sprint Car Series, a new traveling, 410 non-wing, sprint car series in the Midwest. This series aims to provide racers with a platform to compete at prestigious tracks throughout central and southern Indiana/Illinois.

Following the dissolution of the MSCS series at the end of the 2023 racing season, the decision to create a fresh new series was made by the Midwest Thunder team. The team extends their sincere gratitude to the Helfrich family for their unwavering support and for providing them with vital insights as they continue this journey.

Although 2024 will be the first year for the Midwest Thunder 410 Sprint Car Series, it is not the first for this dedicated staff, comprised of a group of individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in the sport of racing. Having successfully managed the Midwest Mini Sprint Association – tabbed as a premier support series by many prestigious sanctioning groups – and having been deeply involved in the racing world for many decades, the team is excited to uphold the rich tradition of 410 sprint car racing in the Midwest.

One of the key highlights of the Midwest Thunder 410 Sprint Car Series is the increase in the minimum prize money for participating racers. Feature event winners will receive a minimum of $2,500, and an increased amount of $400 will be guaranteed to all those who start the feature race. For those unfortunate racers unable to make the main event, they will receive no less than $150 to help the racer travel up and down the Indiana/Illinois highways. Kevin was also happy to note that in his discussions with various track managers, many expressed interest in providing even higher prize amounts for the feature winners. This increased incentive is a testament to the level of competitiveness and excitement that Midwest Thunder aims to bring to the racing circuit.

The Midwest Thunder 410 Sprint Car Series team encourages all racing enthusiasts and sponsors to join them in this thrilling journey. Updates will be posted to our new Facebook page, Midwest Thunder 410 Sprint Car Series.

For more information, please contact:

Kevin Bayer, Owner

Midwest Thunder 410s (MT 410s)

Midwest Mini Sprint Association (MMSA)


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